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This online API 936 course is developed with the combined efforts of professional engineers and certified API Inspectors in cooperation with industry experts. API 936 course helps refractory professionals prepare for the API 936 refractory personnel certification examination.

This course is also an excellent learning experience for people seeking knowledge in the installation, inspection, testing, and repair of monolithic refractory linings in demanding applications for pressure vessel, piping system, fired equipment, and other refractory lined equipment.

Course Outline:

  • Course Overview & Scope
  • Inspector Qualification
  • Types & Properties of Refractory Materials
  • Quality Control Guidelines
  • Responsibility of Owner, Contractor, Inspector & Manufacturer
  • Materials Specifications
  • ASTM Test Methods and Test Procedures
  • Material Qualification Testing
  • Refractory installation methods
  • Refractory Anchor: Materials, Types & Layouts
  • Applicator Qualification Testing
  • Production Refractory Sampling and Testing
  • Test Specimen Preparation
  • Sampling frequency and methods
  • Inspection techniques and acceptance/rejection criteria
  • Refractory Installation & Execution
  • Curing and Dryout Procedure & schedule

Course Features:

  • Voiceover lessons and practice quizzes after each lesson
  • Practice quizzes are graded to provide a measure of self-evaluation
  • Quizzes will provide feedback with the codebook section reference to increase familiarity with the codebook layout
  • More than 250 quiz questions that can be practiced unlimited times
  • Final Practice Exam Sets with real exam content and structure to help you get an idea of how the actual certification exam will be
  • A Quick Reference Study Guide is provided which contains important content to skim over days before the exam
  • Ask questions directly to the instructor via live chat, or email
  • Ask questions and study together with other students in our discussion boards

Exam Outline

  • The API 936 exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes long.
  • The exam has 85 questions, of which only 75 are scored. The remaining 10 are pretest questions, which are not scored.
  • Paper, notes and outside reference materials are not allowed into the exam.
  • The exam has a set passing scaled score.
  • There will be a brief tutorial on the computer-based testing experience before the exam begins.

Each participant will receive a Mech Integrity Certificate of Completion for the API 936 training course, and students can also add the certification to their LinkedIn profile.

For Exam Information, Exam Registration, Qualification Requirements, Schedules, and Fees, please visit American Petroleum Institute's API 936 page.

API and ASME Code Books are not provided as part of this course. They may be purchased seperately at API Publications Store or other authorized resellers.

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